When I was growing up in Brooklyn, NY my Mom would plant flowers anywhere she could. We’d dig in the dirt together and watch them grow and bloom and wait for the snow to melt so they would come back.

I’ve always been a hardcore city girl and I somehow stopped noticing the flowers when I was all grown. Until I moved to San Francisco a couple years ago. They were practically screaming at me, everywhere, all year round. So many flowers I had never seen before or heard of. They jolted me out of longtime unsettling urban rythym.

I think of putting flowers on everyday things as an artistic duty. Not everyone can be around flowers; I feel privileged in that respect. So now I put them anywhere I can.

My flowers can be seen in cafes and shops in the San Francisco Bay Area and online at Bloom where you'll find flowers on everything from T-shirts and bags to calendars and clocks.

Thanks for visitng my site. I hope you enjoy the flowers as much as I do and find something you can wear or use or put on the wall and stare at. I hope they make you smile.

I would love to hear from you if you have any comments, requests or suggestions. Feel free to send me an email and I’ll be glad to get back to you. Enjoy.

Steph Kantorski

all photographs copyright two-thousand and eleven steph kantorski  all rights reserved  telephone 650 892 7502  email  stephoto.us(@)gmail.com

No flowers have been harmed in the making of these photographs.

Out of respect for the flowers and a strong desire to show them as accurately as possible, I follow a few simple rules when capturing the images.

  1. 1.Roots. No flowers are physically cut, picked or altered in the process; they keep following their natural life cycle and all I take is their picture.

  1. 2.Natural light. Usually, I photograph them at high noon--a supposed no-no in picture-making, but direct overhead sunlight seems to make these blooms look their best.

  1. 3.No editing. I might rub out a distracting brown spot or fill in a tear, but the only thing I do to them after shooting is carefully cut the flowers out of the photos, or isolate them.

Tonya Perme Photography

Tonya is a friend and professional photographer who mostly shoots portraits, but her real passion is pet photography and she’s honestly the best. I was really honored to be her second shooter at a pet fundraising gala recently. Check out her site, blog and portfolio - they will make your day for sure.

it’s bloom in photography. stephoto_home.html

Artists and websites I find great.

How the flowers got here.

How I got here.

Linda Garcia

She aims her camera at nature, animals & flowers. among other things. Linda is a professional photographer shooting, showing and selling in The North State (northern California). Great shots and a great person.

Holly Wach

A dear friend and amazing painter and illustrator. Lions and women and the tension they exude. Flowers, too. Really unique and truly disturbing - in a kickass kinda way.

Liz Kantorski

My awesome creative innovative sister. She designs and handcrafts balance boards and beams for therapeutics and conditioning, not to mention fun for all. Check out her website and range of amazing boards.


“An innovative social enterprise providing an international public platform for documentary photography...focusing primarily on positive responses to key global social, cultural and environmental issues.”

- Photographers Nina Emett and Howard Davies